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Set up an online payments system with the major online shopping carts and payment gateways for smooth checkout flow!

Use our online payments system for all of your e payments transactions which cover chargeback prevention. So you don’t need to worry about the chargeback fraud protection with our powerful user-friendly developer tools, and wide-ranging API library, to integrate with all major online payments platforms and shopping carts quickly and easily!

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    Secure Online Payment from Our Trusted Payment Gateway

    Our online payment gateway allows you to accept credit cards and other payments from anywhere in the world. It’s secure, reliable and always available.

    Our payment gateways are trusted by millions of merchants and developers around the world to handle all of your payments, allowing you to focus on providing better sales experiences.

    We take security seriously, so we include robust fraud protection and customer verification. you will have the convenience of all kinds of payment methods in one place.

    Benefits of E-payments

    Electronic payments help every customer to make cashless payments for goods and services through mobile phones, cards, or the internet.

    Online payments are much faster than traditional methods of payment such as cash or cheques. The speed at which electronic payments can be made is a major benefit over traditional methods.

    Internet fraud is increasing and more sophisticated ways are used to carry out this type of scam. It can lead to a potential increase in business expenses. But with Tectah you don’t need to worry about this we have a policy that covers chargeback prevention services.

     Tectah lets you make secure instant payments, online with anyone, regardless of which device they own. No more carrying cash; just tap and pay.

    1) Faster and convenient – online payment methods for E-Commerce are very convenient to use in comparison to traditional payment methods like cash or check. It enables the service which let you pay at any time from anywhere in the world, you don’t need to stand in a line and wait for your turn to transact. Caring a lot of cash is somewhere a risk that is eliminated through e-payments.

    2) Increase your sales – in today’s world two third of the population is using online payment methods and people prefer to carry a very less amount of cash with them. As electronic alternatives are increasing it’s better to use this system. Customers who are not caring cash with them will surely use this option.

    3) Reduce transaction cost – with an online payment method, you only pay for what you want to buy. There are no extra charges for making purchases at the store. You can also see how much money is left on your card as well as how much you have spent while shopping. This is important because you’ll know at all times if things are going too fast and you’ll be able to manage your finances using online payments.

    Ready for Anything

    Choose the payment solutions you need for online payment processing. Get set up to accept payments for all major credit and debit cards.

    Our suite of payment technologies includes virtual terminals, mobile apps, and payment gateways. You can select the combination of processing options you need to serve your customers – and you’ll be ready to take anything they want to pay with. With our extensive API library, you’ll also be able to implement and integrate with all of the major shopping carts and payment methods!

    You work hard for your money so why not have a payments provider that can keep up the pace? We use the latest and greatest payment technology with our fingers always on the pulse, so all you have to do is be the best business you can be. Our partners are able to take payments of virtually every kind: from chip & PIN to contactless, using mobile wallets, and much more. We work hard to keep ahead of the curve so that you can enjoy the best payment tech on the market.

    Shopping Carts We Seamlessly Integrate With

    We are providing an online payment gateway to our valued customers. We have a team of professionals who are experienced at integrating payments to any merchant facility. If you have any need for online payments reach out to us using the contact form with your requirements. Our experts will get in touch and help you integrate online payments seamlessly.

    Chargeback Prevention Online

    Before we discuss how we are going to help you in chargeback prevention online, let me tell you what is a chargeback?.

    Chargeback generally occurs when a credit card provider demands that a merchant processes a repayment due to a fraudulent or disputed transaction.

    We all hate to lose out, especially when we’ve already put the work in! Chargebacks can be a real nuisance for businesses – expensive, hard to avoid, and even harder to predict. With Tectah chargeback prevention, you needn’t worry anymore about these troublesome things.

    Evidence is required to win the claim and with Tectah you get detailed information about the person who did the transaction, how he did the payment and when this transaction happened, and other things which are required to claim the amount. Plus point is that you don’t need to collect anything, we will collect everything in one place, and then we will forward you.

    Who Is Involved in the Chargeback Process?

    The chargeback prevention process is a way to get money back if a customer is dissatisfied with their purchase. In order to do this, the company must have a payment system set up where they can track what customers are doing and how they are performing. Our team of specialists are ready to help you fix the issue and avoid future problems.

    Chargebacks are done by the merchant’s bank, not the credit card company. When a transaction goes bad, the merchant’s bank will send out a letter to the customer stating that they owe the company money. If the customer disagrees with the chargeback, they can dispute it. After the dispute is settled, the merchant’s bank sends the money back to the credit card company.

    In order to keep track of transactions, merchants use software called point-of-sale (POS) systems or electronic point-of-system (EPOS) systems. These programs are able to collect information about each sale and store it in a database. POS systems are often connected to the Internet so that companies can access them remotely.

    There are two types of chargebacks: chargeback fraud and chargeback disputes.

    Chargeback Fraud

    This type of chargeback occurs when someone tries to steal money from a business. A person may try to buy something at a low price and then return it later without paying. Or, a person may try to pay with a stolen credit card.

    Chargeback Disputes

    A chargeback dispute happens when a customer believes that the company did not fulfill its obligations. For example, a customer might believe that he was promised free shipping and received only a product instead.

    Merchants can prevent chargeback disputes by providing proof that they fulfilled their obligations. For example, they could provide pictures showing that they shipped the item to the customer.

    If a customer does not agree with the chargeback, he can dispute it. To do this, he should contact his credit card company. He should explain the situation and ask them to reverse the charge.

    After the dispute is resolved, the merchant’s bank receives the money back from the credit card company. The merchant then pays the money back to the customer.

    Chargeback Guarantee Fraud Prevention with Tectah?

    Don’t let Chargeback Fraud Disputes Cost you Money…

    Tectah chargeback prevention helps you avoid losses by protecting your business against illegitimate disputes. So you never lose out!

    Worrying About Submitting Evidence for Chargeback?

    Finding and organizing the evidence to refute a dispute can mean hours of combing through your records and putting together your case. Save yourself all this hassle with Tectah chargeback protection and put the job of managing fraudulent disputes behind you for good!

    All Kinds of Businesses are Protected from Chargeback Prevention…

    Online sales for products, whether physical or digital, are protected by Tectah. Whatever the size of your payments, and wherever and whenever you and your customers transact, we’ve got you covered!

    Risk Management with Online Payment System

    The greater the volume of a company’s online payments, the greater that company’s exposure to online risk, especially the risk of fraud and defaults. No company has the resources to investigate every transaction in real-time, but powerful risk-reduction technologies can do all this work for you. We employ advanced systems to keep your transactions safe and your money secure, while also avoiding the “false positives” – i.e. when a legitimate payment is blocked due to suspicion of fraud – which might otherwise cause customer/supplier inconveniences that harm your reputation. At Tectah we take risk mitigation very seriously, and continually develop technologies to provide the right solution for your business.

    Powerful APIs for Chargeback Fraud Protection

    We take the time to build systems that enable you to integrate your platform(s) with all the payment processes you could ever need. Developers are very important to us, so we put a lot of work into our APIs to make their work as easy as possible.