Integrated Payments

We innovate and expand our offering by integrating with forward-thinking apps and software

Integration payments allow you to seamlessly integrate across multiple channels and platforms. Tectah is a leading solution for integrated payments, offering a wide array of integration options to support your business, and syncs perfectly with other apps. Avail custom integration that perfectly fits your business and helps you save money by not being tied down to outdated systems.

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    What are Integrated Payments?

    Integration is the process of making two modules or multiple modules easier to interact with each other. Our integrated payment terminal is configured to communicate with your EPOS machine (electronic point of sale system), ERP, CRM system, online shopping cart, accounting software and more, allowing you to obtain additional information about customers and staff, making you more efficient in your business.

    In today’s competitive market, being able to provide a seamless checkout experience is more important than ever. That’s where our integrated payment technology comes in. It will help you make more efficient use of your resources by sharing information with your EPOS, and keeping your customers and staff smiling while they shop.

    It’s time to simplify the transactions and look to the future – keying in items is a thing of the past.

    Tectah Integrated Payment System Features

    • Integration compatibility with your ERP or Accounting Software, CRM System, or online shopping cart
    • A PCI Compliant payment gateway
    • Encryption and tokenization technology for maximum data security
    • Free, 24/7, in-house customer support
    • Next-day funding options

    Built with developers in mind, our tools and APIs make it easy to integrate virtually any payment system – certainly all the major ones – into your platform, quickly and seamlessly.

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