Integrated Payments

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    A Fully Integrated Suite of
    Payment Products

    At Tectah we invest heavily in infrastructures that integrate the different elements of your business, rendering manual orders unnecessary and preventing much of the human error and discrepancy that have so often plagued conventional systems. Our Integrated Payments solution makes connecting your till and card machine easy.

    With our extensive partner network, the ability to have a fully capable card payment solution, that helps our merchants combine the EPOS software and cash register to the card machine in a single process.

    Tectah can integrate with over 300 partners.

    It’s time to simplify the transactions and look to the future – keying in items is a thing of the past.

    EPOS, meet Card Machine…
    Card Machine, meet EPOS!

    Built with developers in mind, our tools and APIs make it easy to integrate virtually any payment system – certainly all the major ones – into your platform, quickly and seamlessly.

    Are you an EPOS company looking for
    suitable card integration?