EPOS System Uk

Introducing our EPOS system in Uk to your business. 

Our EPOS system offers a comprehensive EPOS solution for your business. We have designed our EPOS machines to be flexible and easy to integrate into your existing operations while empowering you with various labour-saving features such as sales management, online ordering integration, accounts & payroll integration and numerous advanced features that enable you to keep track of your billing, expenses and manage your inventory efficiently.

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      Your Complete EPOS Solution

      Flexible to suit your particular business needs, our powerful EPOS system for takeaway will empower you with reliable information and various time-saving features. Our EPOS system is the ideal solution for your business, creating a safe and secure environment for customers. Our dedication to customer service means that we offer you a flexible and adaptable service that suits your particular business needs. We are here to show you how our EPOS solution can be a powerful tool to lead your business forward.

      Our EPOS solution is designed to help you run your business with ease, regardless of your sector or size. With all of our solutions ranging from simple food ordering solutions to complex bar management systems, you’ll be able to manage every aspect of running your business from one central location.

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      The Worlds Best EPOS System

      Most businesses rely on technology in managing their operations. With an integrated EPOS system (electronic point of sale system), your business can do more. Our industry-leading EPOS solution integrates and accommodates businesses and organizations with modern technology and exceptional flexibility. Our mission is to make your mission easier!

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      EPOS Solution Analytics

      Gain critical insights from our real-time reports from the EPOS solution system to make better decisions and boost your bottom line.

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      All-in-One EPOS Solutions for Business

      Our comprehensive payment systems and EPOS solutions for business will integrate easily into your existing point-of-sale software. However, if you’re just getting started with the EPOS system in UK or are looking to try a new approach to the EPOS solution , we can supply all the equipment you’ll need to get set up from scratch.

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      EPOS System Saves Time

      A powerful EPOS solution machine will carry out in seconds that might otherwise have taken hours. Save time and money on order tracking, stock management, card payments, and more.

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      Real-Time Reports with EPOS Analytics

      Our EPOS solution allows you to view live data on your sales, stock levels, customer experience, and much more across all your outlets. Avail following real-time report features from our EPOS machines :

      • Assess your stock, revenues and even employee performance.
      • Take advantage of live statistical insights.
      • Customise your dashboard for each user.
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      Best EPOS System UK for Stock Control

      Track the popularity of each of your products – without resorting to time-consuming stock takes – and ensure that your big sellers are always in stock.

      • Track wastage/shrinkage
      • Carry out stock transfers between locations
      • Generate purchase orders automatically

      100+ Apps to Integrate!
      Make More of Your EPOS With Powerful Tools and Services

      Integrate essential business applications with your Tectah EPOS system

      • Bookkeeping systems.
      • Customer loyalty/reward programs.
      • Communications systems and marketing platforms.
      • Popular ordering platforms like Uber Eats, Deliveroo & Just Eat.
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      What’s included in our EPOS Solution package?

      EPOS hardware
      Easy-to-use epos software
      Cash drawer
      Receipt printer
      Contactless card machine
      Ongoing 24/7 UK support