Our Business Model Is Made for Our Customers

It starts with a vision-driven team. Thanks to our individual and collective ability to build and nurture our relationships with banks, our capacity for merchants and responsiveness is second to none. Attentiveness and support are what we do best, and they are what separate us from our competitors. That’s what we’re all about: prosperity through collaboration.

We’ve injected our DNA into the payment industry
We are rewriting the rules – turning payment processing into greater acceptance and more opportunities for our partners, and helping UK business owners build better businesses.

We Have Some of the
Best Rates Around

Bricks and mortar, mobile payments, online sales and more – we provide payment solutions to suit every kind of business. Thanks to our extensive client base, we can command the very best rates from the banks so that your transaction costs are kept to a minimum. Whatever product or service you sell and however you do business, we’ve got the payment technologies for you. So choose Tectah for fast, secure, industry-leading payment systems at highly competitive rates.