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    Our selection of speedy, secure payment options has you covered: point-of-sale devices, credit and debit card machines, mobile apps, virtual terminals, and payment gateways are all available.

    Ever Wonder How
    Card Processing Works?

    See the simple process of card processing.

    credit and debit card processing done by the customer

    1. A customer pays you
    by card and its provider
    receives the transaction data

    How visa helps in credit and debit card processing

    2. The provider sends a
    request to Visa, who then
    gives authorisation to
    the customer’s bank

    How customer bank helps in Card Processing

    3. The customer’s bank
    executes the transaction and
    the appropriate amount is
    sent by Visa to your account

    Card Provider sends data to visa

    4. The data of this
    transaction go to the
    card provider, who then
    sends the transaction to Visa

    customer’s bank settlement statement

    5. Visa settles the transaction
    with both your and the customer’s
    bank and the outgoings are reflected
    on the customer’s bank statement