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Take payments wherever you like

Discover the freedom of taking fast card payments on the go.

Whether you’re a cabbie, carpenter or cleaner, take payments wherever you are with a mobile card machine. Say hello to flexibility and goodbye to endless trips to the bank.



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      A Card Machine With No Boundaries

      Use your Tectah mobile card machine to take payments on the go. A roaming SIM with nationwide coverage maintains your connection as you move, so you can take your business on the road – literally.

      Drivers and Couriers

      If you’re a taxi driver, you can say goodbye to digging into your pockets for change. Delivery drivers can forget to wait on cold doorsteps. You can get paid and keep moving through our portable card payment machine


      If you’re a carpenter, locksmith or gardener, a mobile card machine gives your customers a secure way to pay you. No more waiting while they look for their wallet.

      Mobile Business Owners

      Take your business on the road. If you’re a hairdresser, bring the salon to your customers’ homes. And if you’re a cleaner you could cash in after you sweep up.

      Whatever product or service you sell, you can use our portable chip and pin machines to accept Google Pay, Apple Pay and other contactless payments quickly and securely.

      Card Payments Anytime, Anywhere

      • Built-in GPRS SIM
      • Works all day on a single charge
      • Easy-to-read colour display
      • Light and portable
      • Simple-to-navigate menus
      • Fast thermal receipt printer

      Why Tectah?

      Already trusted by thousands of retailers and leisure businesses, we are one of the fastest growing merchant service providers in the UK.

      We understand the importance of an affordable, speedy and robust card payment system to your business; that’s why our payment solutions are simple to set up, so you can be transacting from the word GO!

      If your business is always on the move, the ability to accept all types of card payments is critical. Our mobile terminal is the ideal companion for taking card payments on the go. Whether you work as a market trader, fast food delivery driver, taxi driver, plumber, or sell across a range of different locations – a mobile card terminal is essential.

      Tectah mobile terminal is designed to remain connected even in the most demanding environments. Our terminals connect to the mobile networks via our unique roaming SIM that automatically picks up the strongest signal . This roaming connectivity ensures your mobile card terminal can be used anywhere.

      With our user-friendly technology and unrivalled rates, your payment processing choice is a real no-brainer.

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      Super Speedy

      Time is money, as the saying goes, and we’ll save you plenty of both. Getting signed up and set up is easy and our chip & PIN machines are fast-functioning – plug them in and you’re off. Not to mention that we offer next day payments as a standard option across the range.

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      Full Payments Integration

      With a till and card machine that talk to each other, your sales are made much simpler – and we offer this functionality at no extra cost!

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      Size Matters

      Our scale enables us to secure better rates, leveraging our many customers to negotiate the best deals with banks – and those savings go to you!

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      A Phone Call Away

      Our expert support team is on hand 24/7 to make your payments work for you. Give us a call if you get stuck or have any questions about our products or services.